Can pipette tips make a difference in the performance of my pipette?

This is a very common question that we get. The short answer is pipette tips can make a significant difference in the calibration of your pipette.

This is particularly true for micropipettes dispensing 10ul or less and for larger volume pipettes dispensing over 200 ul.

Especially large effects occur at small volumes .2- 2 ul due to the capillary action of the tip and how that is influenced by the tip geometry.

Filter or barrier tips are increasingly becoming a problem. Some filters restrict air flow excessively and will decrease the amount your pipette will draw up. On larger volume pipettes ( 200 ul and above ) a restrictive tip can be detected if you see the level of the fluid being drawn into the pipette tip increase even after the plunger has stopped moving.

Not all barrier tips have this problem and we suggest you test a sample of a tip before you buy it. If you must use a restrictive tip then your pipette should be calibrated to that tip, but be aware that the volume pipetted with a nonbarrier tip may be significantly greater.


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